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All agistment offered is Full Care and includes teff or lucerne hay fed twice daily as well as 1kg of oaten, lucerne or combo chaff per day. Included in full care is taking on/off top rug and fly masks when necessary. Paddocks are harrowed weekly. Hard feed available for purchase from range of Pryde's EasiFeed at cost price.

All agistees have access to all 3 riding arenas, round yard as well as trails to ride on.

Stable + Private Paddock

Private paddock during the day, stabled at night and rainy days.

Stable comes with a base level of bedding and will be topped up when needed.

$250 per week


Private Paddock - approx 60 x 30m

$115 per week


Semi Private  - 150 x 50. 2-3 horses of your own or matched up by us if available

$90 per horse


Hard Feed avaivalbe for purchase:

EasiRide - 2.4 kg per day $15 per week

EasiBreed - 2.4kg per day $17 per week

Easisport - 2 kg per day $22 per week

EasiPerformance - 2 kg per day $19.50 per week

BioMare - 1.6 kg per day $13.50 per week

Rebuild - 1 kg per day $18.50 per week

Black Sunflower Seeds - 200 g per day $2.50 per week

SpeediBeet - 230 g per day $3.50 per week

Salt - 30g once a day included

Oats - 500g per day included

Extra Chaff - 1kg per day $7.50 per week (oaten, lucerne or combo chaff)

Extra hay - 2 slices per day $15 per week (Teff or lucerne hay)



- Taking on/off under rugs as well as top rug (occasionally) $2 per rugging

- Taking on/off under rugs as well as top rug (everyday) $15 per week

- Wormer and administration of wormer $30

- Catching, bringing in and holding for vet/dentist/farrier $15

- Equivac (2 in 1) Tetanus/Strangles and administration $50

- Lunging session $15 approx 30 mins (to be arranged)

- Treadmill session for agistees $20 approx 36 mins (to be arranged)

- Oral medication $2 per dose (must be vet prescribed medication)

- IM Injections $15 (must be vet prescribed medication)

- Rug washing $3 per load includes powder

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