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From years in the horse industry, we have gained experience and knowledge rehabilitating horses. From a simple cut that requires bandaging, post surgery care to a major tendon injury. We have had experience treating them all!

We know that bringing your horse home from the vet can be daunting, maybe you are not comfortable changing the bandage yourself or you don't have a stable to confine your horse in, let us help.

Our rehabilitation program is a unique and tailored to your horses specific injury.

Depended on needs, horses will be housed in stables, with a large stable for a mare and foal, small day type yard or a small paddocks.

Horses will have a their own diet formulated to suit their dietary requirements and energy levels. Feed selected from list of Pryde's EasiFeed.

During the rehabilitation process, horses are checked up on regularly throughout the day with evening check and attended to if necessary. Once the horse is ready, we begin the rehab program as provided by your vet or we can contact our vet to get a program formulated for you.

All horses have access to our range of treatment products and facilities including:

- HorseGym Treadmill

- Activo Med electro pulse magnetic blanket and 4 leg boots

- Equissage massage back pad and 2 leg boots

- 2 x red light therapy pads

- 4 leg Ice vibe circulation ice boots

- Jacks whirlpool boots. Hoof and leg ice gumboots with circulating ice and water

Our goal is to get your horse back to full strength with a focus on having a long and successful career post injury.


All horses are treated with the same quality care and love as any of our own horses. We know how important it is to you to get your horse back to full health are and we do our very best to guarantee a timely and effective rehabilitation.

Price dependent on needs, please contact us to discuss.


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